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Jokhang Temple

Jokhand Temple, Tibet

Jokhang Temple - The Divine Habitat of The Lord !

The temple is one of the most important religious center in entire Tibet. The tourists throng this place in large numbers, even larger number of pilgrim also visit the temple throughout the year. Jokhang Temple, built in 647 AD, is located in Central Lhasa in Tibet and covers an area of around 25 sq. km. It was always an important pilgrim destination for Tibetans, but after being added in the list of world heritage site by UNESCO, the temple is now a source of attraction for all the visitors visiting the town. Come and reveal the cosmos of the holiest site in Tibet and find the way of living of the monks.

What's The Legend Behind It !

The huge Jokhang complex was built in 7th century to house the Sakyamuni statues brought as wedding gifts by Princess Wen Cheng of Tang dynasty, and Princess Bhirkuti when they married King Songtsem Gampo. The Jokhang temple is rightly erected in the center of the ground which was earlier a lake. The lake was chosen as the site after many attempts failed to build a temple in the region. Every time a structure was erected, it would collapse on its own. Everybody was surprised by this unusual turn of events. Princess Bhirkuti then approached Princess Wen Cheng who was more knowledgeable than others. She pointed out that the topography of the city was not very conducive to construction due to the presence of lake. She advised that the lake should be filled and leveled up. You will be amazed to know that more than 1000 sheep's were used to bring soil from a mountain quite a distance away. And after the temple was build, it came to be known as Ra-Sa- Vphrul Snang. In Tibetan language, 'Ra' means sheep and 'Sa' means earth. The city around also was called Ra-Sa, which now is known as Lhasa. Tourists at Jokhand Temple, Lhasa, Tibet

What To See And Do !

The architecture that you will witness here is typical to Tang Dynasty style, which is complimented nicely with, shots of Tibetan and Nepal architecture. The temple complex is huge comprising of four floors of wooden chamber with a gilded bronze tiled top. If you want to see the whole Jokhang complex in a single view, which is an absolute delight, climb on to the square of the Jokhang temple, from where you will get the most amazing scenes of the temple. Here you will find two big slabs, both inscribed. One stands as testimony to the alliance between kings of Tibet and Tang and the other has the method of preventing the cure-less smallpox disease.

The main hall of the complex is around 1300 years old housing the statue of Sakyamuni, which probably is the most venerated statue in entire Tibet. As you enter the hall, you will find a 'Dharma Wheel' confined between two deer's on either side of the wheel. Prostrate in front of the entrance along with the many pilgrims who also will be bodily prostrating in front of the Sakyamuni statue. There are statues of King Gumpa and her two famous foreign wives as well on the second floor of the complex, worth of your day itinerary.

What Else You Need to Know !

As the temple is situated in the center of the town, you can just walk down from your staying place, as most of the hotels are closely located and very well connected with local transport. The temple is open to general public from 9 in the morning till 8 in the evening. Keep aside at least 4 hrs to plainly explore this wonderful monument but if you really want to go into the depths, you need minimum half a day to go through this legendary heritage. The temple is absolutely a place for devotees and tourist, come along with your family and friends to seek blessings of the lord. The architecture and the resplendence of history are other main reason to take up a trip to this holy divine.

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