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Ngari City

Ruins of Guge Kingdom in Ngari, Tibet

Ngari City - Where Divine Dwells !

Situated in the western side of Tibet autonomous region, Ngari is nestling at an altitude of 4500 m above sea level and is often referred as a 'Roof of The World'. Ngari city covers the largest area in Tibet but has the lowest count of population. The city seems quite empty and deserted, but as far as a place like Tibet is concerned, this is the perfect setting for exploring the magical beauty of this unexplainable land. You will be stunned to know that there are more than 80 rivers that cut through Ngari and more than 60 utterly captivating lakes that lie silently on the face of this city. Each one of them has a distinct feature, you will not find in any other destination. Mt. Kailash, regarded as the greatest pilgrimage place on earth for many religions, has made Ngari a must visit city for the pilgrimages.

Want to Reveal the Charms of Ngari City !

Ngari is genuinely scintillating and is equally challenging. One needs to have great physical fitness to complete a travel in Ngari. The temperature here is quite low and the air is quite dry. It doesn't rain much here but when it rains, traveling in the city becomes more difficult, though the rains bring with it different hues of charm to the city. Not many parts of the city are settled but the leisurely pace of the city gives you a feeling that it is self-sufficient. Even shopping for locally-made handicraft is a nice experience. Overall, your Tibet travel is incomplete until you thoroughly explore every corner of this one of a kind city.

What to Look For in Ngari City !

When it comes to attractions, Ngari City is the fortuitous of all, not only in Tibet, but to its neighboring territories. Because it has the privilege of being home to the divine abode of Lord Shiva, Mt. Kailash, thousand of devotees throng the destinations in order to reach the almighty. This itself makes your trip to Ngari worth a visit. Besides Mt. Kailash, the city is brimming with natural wonders that single-handedly are good enough to make Ngari the favorite tourist spot.

Tourists at Mount Kailash, TibetMt Kailash
This is the most divine mountain in Ngari, people from all over the world take a pilgrimage trip up to this holy place. The first sight of this divine mountain is enough to leave its visitors spellbound, such is the beauty and mightiness of the mountain. Pilgrims from all religion specially, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, come here to attain salvation. If you are thinking of visiting this one of a kind mountain, then you must prepare yourself both physically and psychologically as the journey is one of the most difficult one. The only way to reach here is by hiring a vehicle and approaching the mountain from the northern side.
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Mapam Yumco Lake
The lake is situated at a distance of 20 km to the southeast of Mt Kailash. It covers an area of 412 sq km and by lying at an altitude of 4558 m, it becomes the highest fresh water lake in the world. This is considered as a holy lake in the Buddhist religion and is called as 'Mother of the rivers in the world', due to the four major rivers flowing into the lake namely Shiquanhe River in the north, Peacock River in the south, Maquanhe River in the east and Xiangquanhe River in the west.

Lhanag Tso Lake
Ghost lake is how this nature's masterpiece is referred to as, that is because the area around the lake seems absolutely lifeless. The lake was once connected to the famous Lake Manasarova but got divided due to geographical disturbances, although the two are still joined by a natural stream called Ganpa Chu. Situated at an altitude of 4752 m and covering an area of around 70 sq. km, the salty crescent shaped lake is surrounded by dark red mountains. You are bound to get mesmerized by the drastic color difference of the lake and the surroundings as the lake is strikingly blue and the area around it is pinching red.

Tholing Monastery, TibetTholing Monastery
Located to the northwest of Ngari, in the Zhada County, Tholing Monastery was built by the legendary king of Guge Kingdom in the 10th century, The name 'Tholing' which means "to fly high and never fall" perfectly symbolizes the objective behind its construction. The main aim of the monastery was to spread Buddhism and keep it prevalent in Tibet. When you get the first glimpse of the monastery from outside, you become an admirer of it. The monastery is situated in between the dull colored clay forest and the striking red color of the monastery wall stands out elegantly. Inside the monastery, the main attraction is the main hall, which is the only hall preserved. The frescos on the walls of the halls still give you the same vibrancy with which they were built.

Where to Stay In Ngari City !

Not the best accommodation Ngari offers its visitors. Ngari does have the same quality of hotels when compared to the other major cities of Tibet. Though Shiquanhe town have few good hotels that will provide you with some luxury apart from addressing all your basic needs. Opt for the Lake Manasarova, Shiquanhe Hotel, and Gangdise Hotel.

How to Reach Ngari City !

By Road
The highways connect Ngari with other major cities of Tibet. There are four main highways that cut through Ngari.

Local Transport
The road condition through out Ngari is not that welcoming so it is better to hire a taxi to roam around in the city. That also gives you the option to explore the city at your own pace.

What Else is Required to Know About Ngari City !

The best time to visit Ngari city is in the months of May, June, September and October when it is not raining. Although it seldom rains here but when it does, it makes Ngari next to impossible to travel in. The temperature generally floats around the comfortable mark of 100 C. The city is considered a pilgrim spot due to the presence of Mt. Kailash. So old age people who are more into religion, will find the city an apt place for traveling. And for adventure loving youngsters, the same route turns out to be a wonderful trekking option. In Ngari city, the cuisine is different, their main foods belong to Chiang cuisine but few restaurants serve Sichuan cuisine. The food here is precisely light and salty, and exceptionally tasty. Consider a minimum of two days to have a good look of the city.

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